January 2, 2014 11:28 pm

Michelle Waters

So here are the some of my goals for this year:

#1 Write a novel

I have wanted to write a book for as long as I can remember. I wrote my first story in the first grade. I wrote it out by hand, bound it with construction paper and decorated the cover. I still have it. I probably ought to take a picture…

Later, I got in trouble in English class for writing a book, instead of reading the class novel (which I’d already finished).

It’s high time I finished something. And perhaps even published it…

#2 Close up shop

I sold my web design and hosting business in 2009. But I continued to hold onto providing those services to other markets. It’s time to let go and focus elsewhere. I do have a couple of clients I will keep pro bono, but everyone else has to go.

#3 Rely on God

It’s easy for me to read all the educational and political blogs I follow and get angry. It seems corporate reformers are trying to dismantle our public education under the guise of choice and competition. This cognitive dissonance is hard to live with. So I need to just turn it all over to God and keep doing in my classroom what I know I’m supposed to do.

These are my top three resolutions for this year. We’ll see where I’m at in 12 months….

As Editor and Publisher, Michelle oversees the content creation for the site. With a background in art, design, and writing, her interests are in color theory, mixed media, and gestalt.

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