May 22, 2020 2:31 pm

Michelle Waters

My poem “It’s Not Your Fault” is available online now in Issue 10 of the Awakened Voices: Intention for Change literary magazine. You can download and read the issue here.

Intention for Change released May 22nd at 7:00 pm CST at a virtual launch celebration featuring statements from the Awakened Voices editorial team and readings from Issue 10’s twelve featured writers. 

I’m one of the issues featured writers! I’m excited to share my work live at an event for the first time — but also nervous. I hope to have some friends in the virtual crowd. So if you’d like to attend via Zoom, just click here to register for the event.

Content warning

The magazine contains material including one or more of the following: rape, incest, sexual assault, abuse, self-injurious behavior, suicide, blood, and military violence.

According to the magazine:

The intention behind this content warning is to prepare the reader so they feel safe, even if safety doesn’t always feel comfortable, to take in this writing. My it also serve as a reminder that a reader can pause and take a break from reading. The stories will be here, waiting for the reader to return.


As Editor and Publisher, Michelle oversees the content creation for the site. With a background in art, design, and writing, her interests are in color theory, mixed media, and gestalt.

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